FNG Fornes Logistics is certified in compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

FNG centres are now certified to the latest version of the standard (ISO 14001:2015), which provides a framework for the organisation itself to identify, control and reduce environmental impact, optimising the use of resources and minimising the production of waste and emissions.

At a time when there are many unknowns surrounding the future of the sector in terms of sustainability and environmental issues, logistics companies must have a clear vision of our responsibility to adopt more sustainable practices and look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.

Data-driven decision making and improving operational efficiency:

ISO 14001 sets out requirements for implementing an environmental management system (EMS) which includes a pre-assessment, defining environmental objectives, identifying legal requirements and finally establishing an action plan for continual improvement.

Having a management system, therefore, allows us to make decisions based on the data collected during the activity and to improve each of the aspects that we control with this system, such as, for example, the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Working with this system can also help us to identify opportunities for process improvement and optimise the use of resources, which can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Environmentally responsible:

Although, as of today, ISO 14001 certification is voluntary, at FNG Fornes Logistics we choose to commit ourselves to sustainability and the environment and demonstrate, with every step we take, that our aim to be environmentally responsible is present in our work philosophy.

If you are interested, you can also consult our Quality and environmental policy.


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