At Fornés Logistics, we are committed to quality in transport of goods

Senior management at FNG Fornés Logistics, through developing short and medium term strategic planning, defines quality objectives that are regularly monitored.


Scope of ISO 9001:2015 certification

Road freight transport. ADR freight transport. Logistics. Distribution of full and less-than-container loads. Shipping container haulage Storage. Order preparation.

The organisation of FNG Fornés Logistics has the purpose of guaranteeing that the quality of service provided is a faithful reflection of each client’s expectations, thus assuring the company’s long-term success.

For this reason, it establishes, declares and commits to these principles, which are set out in its Quality Policy:

  • Establish a system that permits the prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement during all stages involved in the collection (pick up) and delivery of containers so that the service provided to clients fulfils all established quality and safety requirements, as well as the clients’ and regulatory requirements.
  • Achieve total satisfaction of its clients, as well as its team of professionals that do the company’s daily work.
  • Assure that all members of the organisation feel identified with and realised in the commitment of the quality and continuous improvement cycle that is implemented at FNG Fornés Logistics.
  • Assure the implementation of measures that facilitate the work of all people who are part of the organisation, as well as their training on issues related to the processes and subjects of improved quality and safety.
  • Equip the organisation with the resources and tools, both material and human, that make the implementation of the Quality Management System possible, as well as the Quality Policy and other objectives that may be specified periodically.
  • FNG Fornés Logistics’ culture as a family-run business lets us create ‘tailored suits’ so we can consider all of clients’ needs and shortages, to then optimise their solutions with great satisfaction and pride.

Approved by the managing director
2 January 2018

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