At Fornés Logistics, we are committed to quality in transport of goods

FNG Fornés Logistics, using its human resources, its technologies and experience, fundamental and basic pillars, tries to achieve the efficiency of its processes, with the aim of satisfying the expectations of its clients as well as other interest groups.

Likewise, as a responsible member of society, it is aware of the environment, and therefore its own the need to act in a responsible and respectful manner; aware that its activity must be carried out within a framework of environmental protection, as well as ensuring the health and safety of its employees and customers.

Therefore, the management of FNG Fornés Logistics is committed to providing the necessary resources to efficiently maintain an environmental and quality management system, according to international standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, with the aim of:

  • Establish a system that allows the prevention, detection, correction, continuous improvement and increase of its efficiency during all the stages that make up the collection and delivery of containers so that the service provided to the customer meets all the quality and safety requirements established, as well as the requirements communicated by the customer and the regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that all components of the organisation feel identified and fulfilled in the commitment to the cycle of quality, environmental responsibility and continuous improvement that is implemented in FNG Fornés Logistics.
  • Identify and evaluate the direct and indirect environmental aspects derived from our activity, taking into account the life cycle perspective, as well as the value chain of our services, supported by our suppliers and contractors. Progressively require suppliers to adopt environmental standards, especially in relation to the procurement of environmentally friendly materials and products.
  • To focus efforts on the prevention of pollution, with a sustainable consumption of resources and the correct management of the waste generated by our activity, minimising it as much as possible, managing it correctly and using at all times the means provided by the Management for reuse, recovery and/or recycling.
  • To ensure the implementation of measures that facilitate the work of the people who form part of the organisation, as well as their training in aspects related to the improvement of the quality of processes, safety at work and the minimisation of environmental impacts.
  • Plan actions to address the risks and opportunities that we identify in our activity, thanks to the analysis of the context of the organisation, the applicable legal requirements, the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, and our most significant environmental aspects.

This Quality and Environmental Management Policy will be reviewed periodically and is made available to all interested parties of the organisation.

General Management
December 2022

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