On 16 October 2019 comes into force the new phytosanitary regulations in Canary Islands for packaging and pallets of wood.

In compliance with order APA/1076/2018, wood packaging and pallets destined for the Canary Islands must comply with the phytosanitary requirements established in International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (NIMF n.º 15) and must be suitably marked to ensure that they have undergone the corresponding approved treatment.

According to this order, the purpose of the regulations is to preserve the phytosanitary status of the archipelago against pests and other harmful organisms that may be introduced into imports of plants, plant products and other objects.

What does it affect?
This regulation affects all woods that are more than 6 millimetres thick, such as crates, boxes, cages, drums and similar containers, pallets, box pallets and other load platforms, pallet collars, dunnage, used or not for the transport of goods of all kinds.

Excluded from its scope are: raw wood with a thickness of 6 mm or less, wood undergoing processing, such as plywood or particle board, barrels for wine and spirits which have been heated during manufacture, gift boxes for wine, cigars and other products made of wood which has been processed or manufactured in such a way as to be free from pests, sawdust, wood shavings and wool and wood components permanently installed in vehicles or containers used for freight.

In case of non-compliance
The Border Inspection Service for Plant Health may, after assessing the phytosanitary risk, take the following measures: stopping the consignment, removing non-compliant material, destroying or reshipment.

The exporter or importer shall be responsible for any legal or criminal costs and measures, and any penalties resulting from such a situation.


From FNG Fornes Logistics, we ask you to take into account the new regulations in order to adopt the necessary measures in the cargoes.


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